Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education (IoHE) was established in February 06, 2012 in the heart of Nangarhar, Afghanistan with the aim to deliver an exceptional education in the fields of Economics and Law faculties to carry out world-leading research, and to make significant contributions to society-locally, nationally, and internationally. Al-Taqwa IoHE, is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan under Registration # 4846.


Al-Taqwa (IoHE), has employed the services of distinguished male and female staff having PhD, MPhil, and Master degrees from national and international universities with extensive experience in their relevant areas.  Al-Taqwa (IoHE) is a modern institute and prowess in Law is specifically noteworthy. The existing 3719 enrolled students in the field of Law faculty only (3378 male and 341 female) from the total current students of 4753 indicates the trust of students in best quality offering in the fields of Law due to highly qualified teachers, well equipped Legal Clinic, rich library, modern computer lab, practical working environments and cooperative administrative crew. The Institute has graduated 870 students since its inception in the fields of Law and BBA who are the best ambassadors across the globe by providing their expertise in various national and international organizations.


In order to well equip our students according to international standards, Al-Taqwa (IoHE) has built  untold numbers of collaborations with international partners. Al-Taqwa (IoHE) has Memorandum of Understandings with Bircham International University, Spain and Abasyn University, Peshawar, Pakistan in the fields of Teaching, Research, Publication and Students/Faculty Exchange Program. Al-Taqwa (IoHE) possesses proper functioning Quality Assurance Department, who continuously check the quality all the times in every sphere, Professional Skills Development Department to enhance the capacity of students in different fields particularly in English and Computer. The management has been striving to accommodate their skillful graduates in various organizations and own Job Center. In order to encourage students in research area, the institute has R&D department who encourage students to utilize their proficiencies in research area. Al-Taqwa (IoHE) publish bi-annual academic journal in order to deploy teachers skills and aware students with existing national and global issues. To ensure gender equality, Gender Department also performs its significant role by ensuring the provision of homogenous facilities to male and female students.

Keeping in view the remarkable quality services in education sector, the Ministry of Higher Education, selected only Al-Taqwa (IoHE) for accreditation process in Nangarhar Province after assessing all the institutions in Afghanistan.

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